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Comprehensive Pest Control For Your Virginia Beach Business

Regardless of whether you spot a spider or two in the corners of your ceiling or have a full-blown rodent infestation in your facility, a pest problem in your business is a matter that has to be taken seriously. Pests are known for the damage they cause, the diseases they spread, and the reputations they shatter, so ignoring a pest infestation in your business will only lead to negative outcomes. However, taking action against pests, ideally before an infestation can develop or at least as soon as you discover a problem, will help you protect your property, your customers, and your business’ image.

No To Bugs provides Virginia Beach area businesses with high-quality pest control that is fully customized to the needs of your property. Using Integrated Pest Management methodology, we will solve your active pest problems, prevent future pest issues, and provide you with the resources you need for a fully pest-free business.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

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Your business is unique and deserves to be treated as such. From its location in Virginia Beach, to the type of structure it’s housed in, to the industry in which you work, there are many factors that contribute to the pest pressures that your business faces. In order to properly take care of those pressures, all of those factors have to be taken into consideration, and that’s exactly what happens when you choose No To Bugs for your commercial pest control needs.

As a local business with over 30 years of combined experience in the pest control industry, the service providers at No To Bugs are well-versed in both the types of pests that are common problems in our area and the most effective methods to eliminate and prevent those pests. We’ll inspect your commercial property interior and exterior to identify your pest pressures, entry points, conducive conditions, and more. We’ll then use the information we gather to develop a customized treatment plan for your property.

At No To Bugs, we go above and beyond for our customers. We won’t just treat your facility, then leave you to fend for yourself. Our commercial services are designed to walk you through the pest control process and provide you with the information, education, and resources you need to make sure that pests do not become a problem again. We’ll provide you with reports about our treatments. We’ll also help educate your staff about simple steps you can take to avoid pest problems in the future.

Routine follow-up services are the best way to prevent new infestations. Depending on your business’ needs, you might need frequent or less frequent re-treatments. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment options.

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Reasons To Choose No To Bugs


Years Of Experience

We have over 30 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. We know the best ways to protect your business from pests.


Customers Served

Since 2015, we have solved pest problems for over 1300 customers. We will take care of your business’ pest problems too.


Wildlife Pests Covered

In addition to our commercial pest control solutions we also offer wildlife control for bats, squirrels, opossums, racoons, birds, and snakes! We will use the latest technology to humanely tackle your unique wildlife needs.

Integrated Pest Management For Your Virginia Beach Business

If your business has a pest problem, you need No To Bugs. With our extensive experience, you can be certain that we will fully protect your property from pests. We use Integrated Pest Management methodology that allows us to get at the root of your pest problems using a variety of methods instead of just applying products and hoping they work. Because our customers are our top priority, you can expect to receive a fully customized treatment plan, routine reports, and educational services to help you and your staff maintain a pest-free work environment. Get your free estimate today by giving us a call.

Customer Reviews

"I am beyond pleased with your services ! Thank you so much for being thorough and completing the work before expected . I will always use your company and continue to refer you to my clients."

Nina B

"This local pest control company by far is the best in the area. The team is completely knowledgeable and after talking with the owner I'm actually surprised to find out they've been in this industry for 10+ years. I've never had any problems with any pests in my home and if I do they will quickly resolve the issue. 10 out of 10 highly recommended for any and all of your issues."

Jessica H

"I highly recommend No to Bugs. They have been servicing our property for now 2 years and I couldn't be happier with their service."

Cape Charles Tiny Livin

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