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What do mold problems, rodent infestations, and termite issues have in common? If you guessed 'moisture,' you're correct. Moisture is the most common source of problems in residential environments, as it often incubates fungal growth and provides unwanted pests with life-giving water. Unfortunately, moisture buildup isn't an uncommon problem for property owners in the Virginia Beach area. Crawlspaces, in particular, are a hotbed of excess moisture, especially thanks to our mild winters and humid climate. Left to its own devices in the heat of the summer, your crawlspace may be left with a complex web of infestations, mold growth, and other potential health hazards.

Luckily, the team at No To Bugs is prepared to help almost immediately. We have years of experience remediating problematic crawlspaces and have the time, talent, and resources necessary to quickly mitigate moisture issues. Once you give us a call and fill us in on the details, we can inspect your property and exclude pest activity in a few short visits or less.

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Our Crawlspace Moisture Control Process

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There's no such thing as a 'one size fits all' approach to moisture control in Virginia Beach. Instead, mitigation starts with an evaluation of your property and the pest or mold that calls it home. The professional team at No To Bugs uses comprehensive inspections and Integrated Pest Management methodologies to identify the source of the problem. Next, we use eco-friendly products and powerful exclusionary tactics to control rodents, insects, and fungal growth.

We offer three types of crawlspace moisture control services to Virginia Beach property owners:

1. Rats And Mice 

No To Bugs can help you get rid of rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents in your crawlspace. These animals can physically degrade your property, tearing up structures and scattering harmful waste close to where you live and sleep. You may notice an uptick in activity during the colder winter months as rodents hunt for nooks and crannies to hide away until the spring – including the damp, warm, and inviting environment of your crawlspace.

No To Bugs has everything you need to identify, eliminate, and remove rodents in your crawlspace. Once we complete the initial inspection and identify the rodents in question, we can set traps, seal off entry points, and otherwise clean up the mess they left behind. You won't need to worry about rodents returning to your home, and your crawlspace can enjoy an extra layer of protection.

2. Termites

One of the most common conditions that brings termites into homes is excessive moisture in the crawlspace. No To Bugs not only treats for these termites, but we actively develop a moisture control solution for your home or building.

Our solutions are always in-step with appropriate solutions and best practices, including: 

  • Drying out the crawlspace. By keeping the foundations of your home safe and dry, your crawlspace may be far less conducive to termite activity. 
  • Removing puddling water. We may install special materials that encourage better drainage. 
  • Sealing cracks and gaps. Termites don't need much to get into your crawlspace, and our team will do everything possible to make nooks and crannies inaccessible. 

Learn more by calling No To Bugs today.

3. Mold And Fungus Treatment

Although they can't 'run amok' like rats, mice, and termites, unwanted growths like mold and fungus can also thrive in moist environments. Mildew and other spore-creating fungi can fill your air with spores, causing illness and upper respiratory issues for children, adults, and pets.

Thankfully, the professional team at No To Bugs can perform thorough mold removal treatments, allowing you to breathe freer, rest easier, and reduce the likelihood of fungal regrowth.

Here's how it works: 

  • Many homes in Virginia Beach aren't properly graded, meaning moisture and rainwater may flood to instead of away from your property. 
  • Our technicians can fix improperly draining land by diverting rainwater away from your foundations. 
  • As less moisture enters your crawl space, less fungus and mold can grow, eventually fixing endemic issues that get worse without proper treatment. 

Make your home your own again by getting rid of unwanted mold growth. Call No To Bugs today to schedule your free in-home consultation about mold removal in Virginia Beach.

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Don't let moisture buildup underneath your home, leaving you vulnerable to pests and fungal growth. Instead, trust No To Bugs in Virginia Beach, VA, to get (and keep) them gone for good. Our professionals have years of applied experience in the crawlspace and moisture control industry, offering pest control treatments and professional mold removal services through an Integrated Pest Management lens.

Ready to get started on the plan that's right for you? Just give us a call to request your free inspection. We would be happy to construct a custom plan and make recommendations based on our findings.

Customer Reviews

"This local pest control company by far is the best in the area. The team is completely knowledgeable and after talking with the owner I'm actually surprised to find out they've been in this industry for 10+ years. I've never had any problems with any pests in my home and if I do they will quickly resolve the issue. 10 out of 10 highly recommended for any and all of your issues."

Jessica H

"I am beyond pleased with your services ! Thank you so much for being thorough and completing the work before expected . I will always use your company and continue to refer you to my clients."

Nina B

"I highly recommend No to Bugs. They have been servicing our property for now 2 years and I couldn't be happier with their service."

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